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We deeply care about the excellent quality of our products and the people who make these products. We are always striving to improve these processes to leave the planet a little better than we found it.


In order to achieve this, all the energy used for our textile products is 100% Green energy. 



All of our products are manufactured in factories in Italy and Portugal, with more than 70 years of experience with luxury linens and home textiles.

These factories live up to our highest standards, with all  EU regulations for everyone involved in the production process.

For any inquiries regarding our CSR standards, please contact us at

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100% Cotton Waffle fabric dries 3x faster than normal terry fabric. This ensures your towels are always dry and fresh, ready to enjoy them.

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Our beach towels in linen and cotton can be used as a pareo, a foulard or even a summer blankett. A perfect accessory for your summer days.

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Linen is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric, very resistant to use and also anti-bacterial.

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Most companies don´t even consider the importance of the cotton. They just purchase fabric from a supplier and ship it to another company to construct the towel.


NIMU has spent the last two years in research the finest cotton and the best companies to work with for our high quality towelling.







Our soaps are 100% Handmade and using exclusively 100% natural ingredients to ensure even the most sensitive skins can use them.

The base element of all NIMU soaps is olive oil, inheritance of the Italian culture, that ensures the highest moisturizing, combined with natural herbs, honey or clay, to ensure a perfect but subtle exfoliation of the skin.


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